10 Best AI Tools for SEO Success in 2021

10 Best AI Tools for SEO Success in 2021
10 Best AI Tools for SEO Success in 2021

Welcome to whiteboard marketing where we simplify marketing with easyto understand whiteboard article and today, I’ll be sharing with you best AI SEO tools that you can use to level up your search engine game, so, let’s get started

10 Best AI Tools for SEO Success in 2021

1. Bright Edge Bright Edge is a platform that contains several modules to help content marketers with optimizing their content. It’s a content Recommendation system which provides improvement suggestions for your content and helps personalize each page on your site to better fit the target intent.

The platform provides a unique way to analyze how various SEO factors impact the brand. For eg, its Story builder combines data from several pieces of the website to create aesthetic tables and charts, making it easier for you to decipher the data and take action.

2. Can I Rank Can I Rank is an AI online marketing tool based on a simple concept- data driven recommendations from opportunity to execution.

This tool specifically provides insight into whether or not the desired outcomes are feasible to a business in the planning or the execution stage This tool can help you as a marketer to set better expectations before kicking off any work off your desk. Can I Rank provides tools for both measurement and opportunity identification in three key areas: Content optimization, Search engine, and Social media.

3. MarketBrew This tool provides the user with a precise description of what distinguishes the firstresult from the second one on a keyword; such as the HTML breakup or even the META description.

 This cuts off time that a user spends manually on analyzing the inner workings of that webpage and accelerate your pathway to success. This AI SEO tool also provides its user with xact ways to resolve the issues with your ranking, which can then be tested again within hours.

 4. Pave AI Pave AI is an Artificial Intelligence based tool that turns Google Analytics data into helpful insights to improve your everyday marketing strategy. Its algorithm integrates marketing data from different platforms (such as Adwords, Facebook Ads & Twitter Ads) and analyzes them,

Making it easy to understand what works and what can be improved in your efforts These personalized reports and data-driven recommendations helps you to identify the most relevant insights across all marketing channels which is a huge plus.

5. Word lift Word Lift is an AI tool for SEO which works with WordPress website and analyzes your content into categories of; who, what, when, and where. WordLift processes your information by creating new entities, allowing you to accept them and determine internal links for your content. This AI SEO tool also suggests open license images, which reduces the time consumed in searching for them on Google and adds a lotof more distinctive features like knowledge graphs, recommendations and utilizing geo maps for location.

 6. Dialog flow Dialog flow is a natural language (NLP) understanding platform used to design and integrate a conversational user interface into mobile apps, web apps, devices, bots, and interactive voice response systems. As a business,

 you can provide new and engaging ways for users to interact with your product and analyze multiple types of input from your customers, including text or audio inputs and then respond to your customers effectively, which can eventually help you to boost your sales and even branding

 7. Albert Albert is another AI SEO software designed to manage your digital marketing campaignsand maintain a constant level of optimization in order to reach your business goals. The software provides a self-learning digitalmarketing plan designed to take care of every aspect of your digital presence.

Some of the best features include autonomous targeting, media buying, cross channel execution, analytics and insights. Albert is the perfect match for those who use ally spend a lot of time on digital campaign optimization and are looking for a power full tool to decide a better allocation of budget between channels. It will advise which time and place will engage more customers and provides a constant growth of campaigns towards the set goal.

 8. Alli AI This tool offers several AI-powered SEO features to improve and optimize your website content strategies. and provides the user with an easy and power full way to increase traffic, build quality backlink and scale business outreach.

Alli AI uses Machine Learning technology to simplify SEO process through an all-in-one software suite tailored for each client and package it into a pretty nice UI. The ideal process includes planning your SEO strategy, finding backlinks, getting code and content optimizations, in addition to tracking your traffic progress.

9. OneSpot This AI tool for SEO is a little unique from the others as it focuses mainly on the consumer journey. One spot is a platform that helps brands developdeeper relationships and improve business outcomes by dynamically delivering the mostnatural, customer-first digital experience at the one-to-one level..

10. Frase is an AI platform that tells marketers which questions potential prospects are asking,

then helps them create content around those questions. The tool can actively create content briefson any topic, as well as catalog and respond to site visitor questions. Many companies are currently using Frase to research content faster, boost their SEO process, and build smarter content strategies basedon actual consumer questions. With that,

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