GB WhatsApp top 10 Future 2022

GB WhatsApp top 10 Future 2022
GB WhatsApp top 10 Future 2022


Hello friends, today through this video I am going to tell you 10 such futures of GB WhatsApp which you may not know, if you are a GB WhatsApp user, then know all these futures because this future is going to be very useful for you, let’s know who it is.  which is the future

GB WhatsApp top 10 Future 2022

 1. In GB WhatsApp, you can remove his name from someone’s profile, this has the advantage that if any of your friends or family checks your GB WhatsApp, then he does not even know whose name is on which profile.

 2. GB WhatsAppYou will also get to see a very cool theme, which you can make the home page very new by applying it in your GB WhatsApp, so that your home page will look very nice

 And you can design the theme as you want, you can change its color, you can color the background of the home page, you can change the color of the chat tax and you can also do it in tax style.

 3. Best future that you will hardly get to see in any WhatsApp This is the future you can change the color of GB WhatsApp icon

 Like you can change from green color to white color or you can change red color to any color, you can change the icon of GB WhatsApp.

 4. And you have also been given the option to download the status of anyone in GB WhatsApp and the option to apple the tax which is written below in the status and you can also apply its status in your GB WhatsApp status.  has given

 5. And you can put different images in everyone’s chat background in GB WhatsAppWhat is the benefit of this to you whose WhatsApp number you have set?

 You can put the image of the same in the chat background, this will make your chat background look very new.

 6. And if you do not want to show your status to all the members of your GB WhatsApp then you will also get to see this future in GBWhatsApp

 Go to the profile of the one you do not want to show your status and you will get to see 3 dots on the top side corner, as soon as you click on it, you will get to see some settings.

 Where there will also be an option of status which will be on, as soon as you turn it off, your status will not sleep in its WhatsApp status.

 7. On the home screen of WhatsApp, all three options were available like chat status call and you also get the option of group along with chat status call in GB WhatsApp.

 8. And you can also see your Instagram status directly in GB WhatsApp, you will find this option in Settings, from there you can bring your Instagram status to GB WhatsApp

 9. a few days ago has been updatedGB WhatsApp in which now you do voice chat with someone, then there you can change your voice to someone else’s boy

 You will see a voice changer as soon as you click on the 3 dot above this option voice chat, you can change your voice only by clicking on it

 10. And you can also get your name on the home screen in GB WhatsApp , like in the top left side of the home screen, you can enter your name there.

 There you go to the setting to enter your name, click on the GB setting option, then click on the home screen, you will get the option of Header at the top, you will get this option as soon as you click on it.

 Hello brother people, if you like the 10 futures of GB WhatsApp then you must tell in the comment box and if you want to know about the future of GB WhatsApp  then comment and likewise if you want to learn something new regularly then you must follow us.  That’s all for today and see you in the next article till then


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