Google Adsense Account create in english? Step by Step

bina paise ke paise kaise kamaye
bina paise ke paise kaise kamaye

How to apply google adsense to earn money?  And how to place google adsense aids on apply nee website so let’s start
  If you search adsence in google, then the result will come in front of you,

google adsence, you will click on it, you have to click on sign apply now to create a new account, here you have to enter the URL of the website to which you apply.  Also you want to prove for Bole Digestion.

Google Adsense Account create in english? Step by Step

For example, if we have to submit the place, then here we will type, after that you have to put the apply or email address here, after that, I will be successful here and have applied in Save and Continue and  It has also been found, so here I change the website, after that you will not have to apply.

 Google Adsense Account Kaise Banaye Step by Step  In which you will suck India, recording will happen in front of you, once you do not have to do otherwise you will be added due to activity,

then click here, the account has been created, after that here you can see the apply detail here  You will have to apply here, you will not apply name and address, you will put it here, one will go to the same address, your account will do that.

  Account Type If you are single person then you suck individual but if you suck business from some partner because it will be advantageous that you can set up bank account of everyone, let us use individual name and address together and submit  After that you will have to verify by entering a mobile number.

  Here you will suck the text message, click on the gate verification code, you will prove it by putting a verification code on the mobile number, then your verification will be completed, after that you have to go to the apply nee website as I show this method  From apply you will login to the panel and are using sim.

  So you will click on the setting, after that an option will be available in it and you will paste it in the script which is there and you will paste it here, after that the code which you have copied from here will tick here.  That I have pasted and after that your website will be reviewed.

  In which minimum and maximum time is taken, if you want, you can copy the court from here again and if you are using someone else, even then you will get the option in it, then you have to pass in the court, for this you will go here in it.  You will get it, click on it, after that here you will theme whatever you are using.

  In this, if you have to find all the anklets of your website here, then you will be able to see the coding and here you will be given a more apply date in this way, how can you apply apply ni website.



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