how to activate new ATM card of BANK OF INDIA?

how to activate new ATM card of BANK OF INDIA
how to activate new ATM card of BANK OF INDIA

Hello friends, welcome to “” where we make your banking easy. Friends, in all of the article on “BANK OF INDIA” we made, a question is asked always repeatedly. And that questions is, ‘ you tell us the process how to apply for “BANK OF INDIA” new ATM or debit card?” So we have brought a video on your demand in which we will tell you the complete process.

                             Following this process, you can apply online for a new ATM or debit card for you sitting at home. For this, firstly go to the official website of “BANK OF INDIA”.

how to activate new ATM card of BANK OF INDIA?

When you reach the website, this type of page will be shown to you. If you look at the options given at the right side, you will find a option “Intrested in our products?” You have to click on this ‘intrested in our products?’ option.

                                   On the next page two options will be shown to you, “apply online” & “track status”. As we have to apply, so will click on “apply online” option.

activate new ATM card of BANK OF INDIA step by step

On the next page you will see the form for apply online for new ATM or debit card of “BANK OF INDIA” You will have to fill up some details here. For the very first, enter your full name here. Below that enter your mobile number.

                        And below it enter your email id. After that click the “select” option given in front of the “product” word. Then you will see a list of many products. Here Select the “debit card” option.

Then you will be asked, whether you are a existing customer or not. Click “Yes” If you have account of “BANK OF INDIA”. And if you haven’t, let it be this option on “No”.  And then if you ticked on “Yes”, below that you will be asked to enter your account.

 Enter your full account number of “BANK OF INDIA”. if you are ticking on “NO”, this option will not be shown to you. Below that you will have to select your state, and below that your district. And at the last select your City.

 Below you will see written “type the code as shown”. Means whatever the captcha code is showing to you, enter it to its box. And check these all the details once again, So that no mistake may be there. And then click to the “submit” button.

As you will click on the “submit” button, and if you have filled up all the details in previous page, This page will be shown to you, where “Dear (Your name), your query is submitted successfully for our debit card products. Thanks for your query.” Below that your application No.

Will also be written there. Below that you will find written there “we will contact you within 30 minutes.” May be you will be called for verification by the BANK OF INDIA on the number that you have submitted in the form. You will have to tell all the details to them on call.

 Here the process is completed, now a new card made you, will be sent to your address given by you. And when you get the card, can start using after activating it. We have already made a complete video tutorial for “how to activate new ATM card of BANK OF INDIA?” if you wish, You can learn the complete process.

Link of that video is given in this video’s description and “i” button. I hope you got complete information. So do like, share and comment this video. Al so if you haven’t subscribed this channel till now, subscribe it and not forget to press the bell icon. Thanks for watching this video, see you with next bank information.


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