How to register or activate UBI internet banking online?

Without Debit Card | Union Bank Net Banking Online Registration
Without Debit Card | Union Bank Net Banking Online Registration

Hello friends, welcome to “EXPLAIN ME BANKING”, where we make your banking and finance easy.  Friends, a few days ago we have published an article, in which we have told that if you have an ATM or debit card of UBI, then by using it you can register or activate the internet banking of UBI online.

  So many people commented on that article that we do not have ATM or debit card of UBI.  Then how can we complete this process and how can we use internet banking of our UBI.

 Activation Without Debit Card, Union Bank Net Banking Online Registration  So this article is the answer to that.  And in this article we are going to tell that how you can register or activate UBI net banking online even sitting at home without UBI ATM or debit card.  So if you have UBI ATM card or not, then in both the cases you follow this article step by step, and register or activate your UBI net banking.


How to register or activate UBI internet banking online? 

Friends, to do this, go to the official website of UBI “” in your browser.  When you come to this website, you will see an interface like this.  Here on the home page you will see some options on the right side.  Out of these options, you have to click on “Online Banking”.  When you click on it, there will be some other options in front of it.

 You have to click on “Union bank net banking” link from these options.  Now a new page will open.  In which some options will appear, click on “Retail User Login”.  Now the net banking login page of UBI will open in front of you.  But we don’t have to login now but we have to register.  So you have to click on “New User” link available here.

   As soon as you click on this link, you will be given two options in the next page.  Since we do not have an ATM card yet, so you have to select the option “Retail user without debit card” given below.  And click on continue button.  The next page in front of you will be like this, here you will have to fill many details related to your bank account like enter your full account number of UBI, enter your date of birth which is registered in your bank account.

  After that enter any one transaction amount from your last five transactions.  And below that choose the type of transaction, whether it is credit or debit, below that you will be shown a question, enter the answer of that question in the “Verification code” box.  And lastly tick the box “I understand the term and condition”.

  And click on continue button to proceed the process.
  As soon as you complete this process, you will receive a message from Union Bank of India on your registered mobile number.  And there will be an OTP in it, and on the next page you will be asked for OTP.  As soon as you get the SMS, enter the OTP given here in the SMS.  And click on continue button.  On the next page, you will be shown the user ID of your internet banking.


How can we use our UBI’s internet banking?


So note down this user ID, so that you can use it further.  And here you will be asked to create a password, so create the password you want for your internet banking.  It should be a strong password and you can remember it.  And enter it in the “password” box.  After that enter the same password in the “Retype Password” box and click on the Continue button to proceed with the process.  Wow…… You have completed the Union Bank of India internet banking registration process.

 Now the next page “Successful” page will open.  But the activation process is not completed yet.  Only then you can use this internet banking.  So, you will get the link “Go to Login”

on this page to complete the activation process.  Then click on this link.  Now the “login page” of Union Bank of India will open.  Enter the User ID that was shown to you last time in the “User ID” box.
 And enter the answer of the question which is shown to you in the “Answer” box for verification. 

And click on login button.  Now you will have some terms and conditions in front of you.  You can read that terms and conditions and get many information.  If you want to go further with this process then come to the bottom of this page and here you will get an “Agree” button then click on “Agree” button.

  The next two steps are the “Security” steps, so complete these two steps properly and carefully.  And if possible, note down the information you fill in it so that you do not have any problem in future.  Next page will be shown to you like this where you will find “Phrase writing” at the top here you can write a word or phrase which you can remember in future.

   And below that you will see some images, select one of these images, and click on “set” button.  Next step will be “Question-Answer” step so first of all select any one question by clicking on “Choose a question” box and enter the appropriate answer of that question according to you in “Answer” box. 

In this way you have to select 3 questions and write their answers and when you answer these questions, click on “set” button to proceed with the process.

   Wow….. you have followed the procedure properly then the next page will be like this, in which “Challenge Question Updated Successfully” will be written.  Also a pop message will come in which you will have to click on the “OK” button. 

google… You have completed the process of internet banking online registration and activation of Union Bank of India sitting at home.  You will see a page like this but here you will find “Pending Action” written.

  Normally you will see this message for 2 days meanwhile the bank staff verify your details and activate net banking for you.  You have to check it after 2 days, and after activation you can easily login to your internet banking and start enjoying internet banking and also start all your banking work sitting at home.

   I hope you have got complete information.  So thank you like, share and comment this article with next banking information

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