How to show yourself offline even though you are online on


More than 20 million users live online every day on the social media networking site Facebook.  Messages from friends start coming as soon as you are online on Facebook.  The only way to eliminate this disturbing is to show offline status even though you are active on Facebook.  In this post, I am telling you simple tips to make yourself appear offline even though you are online on Facebook.

 Facebook Offline Feature

 On login through mobile apps or web browser, your friends see you online and message you.  If you are troubled by Friends Chat, then you can show your friends offline even when you are online.

 With the trick mentioned in this post, you will not see anyone online on Facebook and will also be able to use Facebook.  So let’s know how to go offline on Facebook.

 How to show yourself offline on Facebook in Desktop?

 Desktop, laptop users first have to login to Facebook by opening an internet browser on their PC.

  • After logging in to Facebook, go to the chat option.
  • Now click on the Settings Icon and select Turn Off Active Status and OK.
  • Facebook Turn Off Active Status

 After doing this you will be offline for all your contact list.  If you want to be offline only for some people, then select from the above 2 options.

 How to show yourself offline on Facebook in mobile?

 Follow these steps to show yourself offline on Facebook in the smartphone app.

  • Login to your phone by opening the Facebook app.
  • Now scroll down and click on Settings & privacy at the bottom.
  • Here you will get the option of Active Status, click on it.
  • Now click on Turn Off Active Status and OK.
  • Facebook Turn Off Active Status Mobile

 How to Show Yourself Offline in Facebook Messenger App?

 Apart from Facebook, you can also disable your active status in the Facebook Messenger app.  For this, you open the FB messenger app and login to it.

 After this you can disable Active Status by going to Settings.

 Facebook Turn Off Active Status Messenger

 If you want that a user cannot message you on Facebook, then you can block him.  In this way, you can remove the trouble caused by unwanted people on Facebook and can use Facebook without any disturbance.

 If you like this information, then do share it with your friends on social media?

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